You did not take the cup away

by Kim Aasland (Easter Monday 2022)

In my Holy Week readings I noticed that something shocking: when Jesus asked for something, God said no but when Satan asked for something God said yes. Why?
This is the paradox of Easter Monday: Yes, Jesus is risen from the tomb. Yes, we have everlasting life in Him. But also yes, in this world we still groan.

You did not take the cup away
I asked
I pleaded
I said I cannot drink this
But You gave it to me anyway

The enemy demanded permission
To sift me like wheat.
And You gave it to him.
Why? I thought I was the one asking nicely.
I thought I was your child.
My Father, why have you forsaken me?

I wish I could read the end of the story
Flip to the back of the book so I could know the outcome for sure
And decide if the book was worth reading.
But it doesn’t work that way with us creatures stuck in time

Instead I drink my life
Sweetness and bitterness
Joy and tragedy
Because I have no choice
My options are trust or despair
And I know where despair leads
So I choose trust

You said You would pray for me that my faith would not fail
And You must be doing that because here I am

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  1. Kim,

    This poem is very good.



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