The Dust Bunnies are Greedy

Kim Aasland (July 2022)

The dust bunnies are greedy
They clamor for my time
Take care of us, they shout

Right next to them the dust on the table shames me
What kind of a woman are you? it scolds
The Matterhorn of dishes joins in the chorus,
Bad mom, bad mom, it cries

And let’s not get started on the cobwebs…

But the whisper of the wind is speaking my name
The chorus of birds soothes me
My soul says, there are secrets here to be revealed
If you will just sit still

So I’m at a crossroads
Clean house or clean soul?
When I put it that way the answer seems obvious

I will sit at the Master’s feet
I will seek out treasures

Upon hearing that, the house goes to sleep
It will be there when I get back.


  1. Annie Selden says:

    Sounds like me. Besides it feels really good to clean up a really dirty house.


  2. CDChanda says:

    I LOVE this! So cleverly written! Amazing!! I sometimes pick cleaning 😦 so it is a good reminder!



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