The Sisters

For my beloved daughters by Kim Aasland (September 2022)

My daughters

They are the brave ones
The sometimes overlooked ones
The ones who have withstood trauma that young people should never have to bear
The ones who pressed forward with life
Believing by faith that better days were ahead

Armed with truth

How strong their impulse to give life
How valiantly they fought
How courageously they withstood the ravages of illness and death
Refusing to be defeated
They drew together, not apart

Never unkind to others
Near to my heart
Emotionally wise

How I love them
My brave, beautiful, tender girls.
How they bring life to me always
And tenderness to the world
Extending grace upon grace upon grace

Now as always
Affecting the world for good
Offering life
Maintaining hope
Inspiring faith

How I wish I could take this heartache away
How thankful I am that we stand with each other
I could not be more proud and grateful
For my brave, beautiful, tender girls.


  1. Annie Selden says:


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  2. Tami Mabee says:

    Simply Beautiful Girls and lovely poem, Kim!

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  3. This poem is beautifully artistic. I love how you used their names.



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