Behind the Curtain

by Kim Aasland (April 2020)

PC: Richard de Vos (edited by me)

We all know there are other dimensions
We just don’t always know how to get there
We usually don’t know how to get there
The way in is counter-intuitive

Slow down
Stop striving
Feel the deep calling to you

That magical beauty of your neighborhood? That’s God.
The symphony of nature? That’s God.
The sounds and sights of what God made are infinitely more pleasing
than the jarring cacophony of man.

There are other worlds, other dimensions.
They are right there, just beyond our grasp.
I want to enter the beauty and have it hover on me.

Only by standing in one place, by settling in, by letting calm descend can you step into the hidden place.
Uncharted, nameless, concealed yet so familiar to our souls.
Like the echoes of the womb where we were once safe.
We don’t remember it, but we recognize it.
It’s just on the edge of our souls.

All that is meant to be will one day be.
In the meantime we have echoes, glimpses and peeks of light as the wind shifts the curtain.
When you see it, you’ll know.