Born Upside Down

Written by Kim Aasland on her first Mother’s Day after the passing of her son Nate

You were born into this world staring it right in the face
Yet we call that upside down.
Most come into this life looking away from it
You were born face up.
It was too much for you.

Very often the prophets and the seers live short lives.
You lived an entire life in 23 years.
You thought about things that most don't until middle age or old age or never think about at all.
But who could bear that?

You are not God.
Like Jesus, your soul was deeply grieved and distressed to the point of death.
Like Peter, your namesake, you sat with Him.

The suffering you bore
I now bear for you.
This is my final gift to you  - bearing the grief you no longer could.
You never had to live on earth without me.
I was always there.
And that is also my gift to you.

This Mother's Day I bless you in heaven.
I'm happy that you are fully healed.
I just wish I could visit you there.
I know that some day I will.