by Kim Aasland on grieving the loss of her son Nate

My womb pays tribute to you.
It no longer desires more children.
It no longer bleeds.
Because there will never be another Nate.
You are irreplaceable.
But sometimes still it aches
An echoing cry of what was.

In pain I gave birth to you
And in pain I let you go.
My mind pays tribute to you 
Because now more and more happy memories of you visit me.
They are breaking through in my brain.
Your spirit visits my spirit
And you let me know that you are well.

When you lived inside of me you became part of me.
You have my DNA.
And I have some of yours.
The love of a mother for her child is fierce and indescribable.
Even in death I parent you.

I honor and protect your memory.
It's so strange that we are dust
That we are so earthy.
When things in our body go awry, so do we.

Our bodies feel very much a part of us.
But sometimes they betray us.
And my eyes keep leaking of their own accord.

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.
Kyrie Eleison.