Enemy of Our Souls

Written by Kim Aasland to honor her son Nate

Satan, you are cruel.
It's not enough for you to inflict our beloved son and brother
  with unbalanced chemicals in his brain.
But you torment him and us with lies
  that killed him.

You rob us of happy memories and instill twisted half truths.
You are evil.

However, the joke is on you.
You thought you won.
You fool - that's what you thought with Jesus 
  and look how that turned out.

We will arise from the ashes.
We will rejoice in the truth of who our son was and is.
Death did not kill Nate.
It just ushered him into eternity.
It just made us long for heaven more.

Enemy of our souls, we will live well to spite you,
To proclaim the goodness of the LORD.
Be gone, you have no place here.

Come, Holy Spirit.
Only by you do we rise from the ashes.
Bestow on us our garment of praise and our crown of beauty.
Anoint us with Your joyous oil.

Where else shall we go?  You have the words of life.