For As Yet

by Kim Aasland

For as yet we do not understand
 this world we live in and all that happens.
But we pretend we do.
We come up with cheap explanations
 and appropriate God’s Word as magic as if we were the ones with the power.

The Spirit blows where He wills.
You cannot restrain God.
He is not tribal.
He does not strongarm.
He is much more than just a he.

Coming into a vortex of worry
How do we tend to our souls?
Assuming we understand doesn’t help.
Organizing our world doesn’t help.
“Solving” complex issues doesn’t help.

So we wait to
 hear His voice,
 allowing the still small whisper to speak to us,
 letting go of our necessary outcomes,
 our understanding of the 
 meaning of events.

There is so much more.

It was the end of the world when Jesus died
 or so his disciples thought,
 the end of a dream of a messiah to save them from this mess.
And yet that’s exactly what he did.
But as yet they did not understand.

How do you know what God is doing?
Why are you weeping?
Who are you seeking?
Believe when you don’t see.
Trust when you don’t know.
Rest when chaos reigns.
Humility is the beginning of wisdom.
For as yet we do not understand.

Peace be with you.