by Kim Aasland on the second Christmas after Nate’s passing (December 2019)

We have all received grace.
The sun, the beauty, the whispers of God.
We have all been afflicted.
Not one person has been unscathed by evil.
We build our fortresses, we try to protect
But they fall.

Do not cling to your tent for it, too, will fail you.
You must cling to the Unseen.
We must not be fooled.
We must push back the veil.
The veneer between heaven and earth is much thinner than we think.

None of our babies exist anymore.  They are here so briefly.  Like fall doesn't last, babies don't last.
We forget, we forget, we forget
Even photos are distant memories.  That time will never return.
There is so little we understand.
So much yet to know.

Our tribal gods, our idols, our politicians - they can't save us.
Our cup is full of sorrow and joy.
This is how it is.
To try to avoid the one would mean we would not receive the other.

In Nate.

Innate means existing in, belonging to or present in and individual from birth.  The things that destroy us are in us.

Incarnate -  made flesh by God

Innate - present from birth by God

In - contained and surrounded by God

What would Nate want for Christmas?  I think the only thing he wanted was a clear, healed mind.
Now he has that.

In Nate.

In God.

At rest.