My thanks

I cannot adequately how very, very grateful I am to my husband and daughters. We have all stuck together and loved one another and believed the best for one another in the most challenging season of our lives. You are what has kept me going. Thank you. I also want to thank my mom who has been so present to me in this very difficult time.

I want to thank my two life groups who listened to me, encouraged me, grieved with me, honored me. You all are truly gifts from above.

I also want to thank my deep, spiritual friends, my sisters in the Lord. You know you are. You have been willing to wade into deep waters of grief with me in a way that few have.

I want to give a big shout our to my therapist who knows that supportive listening and time are what I most need.

I want to also mention Fellowship Monrovia, Epicentre and Pasadena Foursquare which are churches full of amazing believers who love God and people. Thank you for your much needed support to our family, emotionally, spiritually and practically.