Nate’s writings

This is where I want to publish much of what Nate wrote. He was a prolific writer. It will take time and will build slowly. While this is something I really want to do, it is also very painful so I’m going to take my time with it.

Nate’s ponderings

January 2011

Today I started reading the autobiography of Nelson Mandela. I want to live a great life. I want to live a life that people look on in wonder. I want to live a life that You look upon and are greatly pleased. It’s not that I want to stop playing video games all together and spend all efforts for such a goal. No. Entertainment is fun, and, as the Book of Ecclesiastes says, it is important to eat, drink, and be merry. But I want to achieve greatness in my life. I want to really live for you. I should continue enjoying entertainment, but I should work on the five things which work together to bring about growth: a heart that loves you, seeking wisdom / having a relationship with you through prayer, learning and Gathering wisdom from the Bible, having true friends in you with whom I talk about meaningful things, and wishing to help out others in ministry. I will work to be on the ministry team at Maranatha. That, I believe, will bring twofold enrichment: doing ministry and finding friends who really wish to serve you. I believe there will be some kids who really joined that team to serve you.

February 2011

Heaven is a day long in coming. We, following you, are children of the light, and bring light to a dark world. We are awake, full of your fire. And all we do should be done through love and for love. Amen.  In my life, I want to help by bringing others to you. Not for glory that will die with or before the earth. Rather, for them to be able to go to heaven and live in the glorious light of your love. Amen.

 Women can do great things. They are different from men. Neither is better nor worse. Community is vital. With others in Christ, we are strong and supported. We can help each other to always turn to you, we can bless each other and in turn bless others. I need to serve you, God, not myself, not what I desire, but what you desire. I need to be “wise about what is good, innocent about what is evil.”

April 2011

God, you can reach and change everyone, even kings who are stubborn, powerful, and worship false gods, even Nebuchadnezzar. You like to do so through us. God, you can do amazing things for us, making a better history. All the things are from you, God, and not from us. You make great plans for us. They are always the best for us. Like your plan for Nebuchadnezzar prophecies (making him go crazy for seven years). It probably seemed horrible, but it gave him an understanding that all power is yours and you give us all good things that we have. His kingdom was given back to him even greater than before. Your plan for me may be somewhat like your plan for Nebuchadnezzar. Difficulties will come maybe some crazy things even. But all of it will be for my good and for yours and I and your kingdom will end up better off. Amen.