Nineteen Months

by Kim Aasland to honor her son Nate

Good Friday is tough
Because I think about my son in the garden of sorrow.
His mind was troubled to the point of death.

All he felt was the sorrow of the world.
All he saw was the sorrow that the chaos of his mind brought on our family.
All his attempts to fix it were futile.
And so he laid down his life.

It was not what we wanted.
It was not what he wanted.
It wounded us greatly.
And he paid the ultimate price.

The resurrection we wait for isn't going to come in three days.
Our Good Friday will last a long time.
Because, unlike Jesus, Nate did not have to power to save us.  Or to save himself.

Thank God that Good Friday isn't the end of the story.
Thank God for the resurrection and the hope of life eternal.
Thank God for beauty from ashes, for the garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair.
Thank God for the oil of joy that soothes us in mourning.
Thank God that heaven will make amends for all things.