Requiem for Those Who Remain

Written by Kim Aasland in light of the tragedy involving Kobe Bryant and 8 other precious souls

Sometimes the whole world stops and groans together.
Sometimes the weight of the collective sorrow is too much for any one soul to bear.
Sometimes the ground beneath our feet reveals just how unstable it is.

And we can't make it right.

We rail, we weep, we gnash our teeth
But we can't change it
Our power is mighty small.
So we come together and clasp hands and look together for the better place.

Every life matters.
Every single one
There have been billions and billions of them and they all matter.

We look for the One who hides Himself.
We look to the Mysterious One whose ways are hard to understand.
And we take comfort in the deep echoes of our souls which confirm to us:
This is not all there is.