This or That

by Kim Aasland

You do not know what tomorrow will bring
So guard your steps as you approach God.
Do not offer words without knowledge.
Do not say, “I sit as queen and I will never see grief.”

How do you know?
Draw near to listen.

We are mist.
We are dust.
We are vapor.
These are the words of God.
So consider this:  we are not immune.
The fallen earth groans and we feel the reverberations
Not because of anything we did, right or wrong
But to show once again that we are not God.

If the Lord wills it, we will do this or that.
To live is fruitful labor.
To die is gain.
Let me say it again.
To die is a gain.
Death will be swallowed up and we will put on immortality.

Turn to Me and be saved all you ends of the earth.