Three Years

By Kim Aasland (September 2021)

Three years
That’s how long it’s been since I had you here with me on earth
Since you told me “I’m good”

How much can a soul endure for three years?
Well it turns out an awful lot
I’m starting to understand why Jesus only did
his ministry on earth for three years
It’s about as much as a soul can take
So God in His grace lets it ease
I no longer feel that my grief will kill me
It has slowly, very slowly become a presence I can bear
I still would change anything to have you back
I still wish I could have healed you
I miss you

But next year it will be four and then the year after that it will be five and then ten, twenty, thirty
And then someday it will be me that people miss

In three years I have done the impossible. I have learned to be on this earth when you are not here.