What is that to you?

by Kim Aasland

The rain falls on the just and the unjust.
Plague strikes the careful and the lax.
What is that to you?

One gets with child and is burdened.
Another longs to conceive and is barren.
What is that to you?

Some achieve their dreams.
Some fall into them.
Some live stymied.
What is that to you?

You want to be God?
Go ahead and try.
Enjoy the blame of a billion souls.
Revel in people using your name for their own purposes.
What is that to you?

In the end we drink our own cup.
The joy, the sorrow, the ordinary days.
In the end we walk our road 
    in pride
     in shame
      in faith.

In the end something leads our way.
In the end we follow
    or not.
You decide.