Life and Death at Christmas

Kim Aasland (December 2022)

Lightscape LA Arboretum
Holly is beautiful
     and pointed
Mistletoe is festive
     and poisonous
Red roses are romantic
     and prickly
     they can make you bleed
The Christmas tree is lovely
     and perished
     it had to die in order for us to enjoy 
Families are wonderful
     and painful
     we love and hurt each other

We celebrate the birth of a  baby that will be one day die 
     but not of old age
We make merry but there is a sadness that lurks underneath
Pure peace and unadulterated joy, these are the things of the next world.
Here we groan
     and laugh
Here we sing songs of lament
     and Christmas cheer
We press on
Those who remain
The One who will die, He is our peace
I find I can endure much if I just have hope

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  1. Tami Mabee says:

    Such an honest and absolutely beautiful picture of life on planet earth. Thank you for sharing your blog with me, Kim!


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