The train

by Kim Aasland (February 2022)

I had to get off the train
It was taking me too many places I didn’t want to go
I thought I’d be locked up
I just couldn’t play the long game
My mind would not allow it
So I took my express pass
I hope you will understand
I hope you will forgive me

I do forgive
Because I have no other choice
I have to
So that I can keep chugging forward
But time rushes by so slowly
And it will always be just yesterday for me
That you left this earth

One day my train will reach the station
But there will be many more stops and starts along the way
And you will be there with me in my heart and mind and soul and dreams
You never leave my essence
And you will be waiting for me at the final stop


  1. Annie Selden says:



  2. phillipchan1 says:

    Thanks for sharing. Really precious and tough.


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